Building the Century of the Workers

Building the Century of the Workers

The leader of the 1917 October Revolution, which was the most inspiring experience for the exploited and oppressed in history, Lenin, died on January 21, 1924. Even though a hundred years have passed since his death, his ideas and struggle inspire hundreds of thousands of revolutionaries all over the world. Even the name of Lenin is enough to give shivers to the masters of this system. How could he not? Lenin means revolution. Lenin means workers taking power by kicking the capitalists. A complete nightmare.

Reputation assassination was their main method of dealing with Lenin. But their attempts to slander Lenin alone are not enough; they do not hesitate to discredit the dream of socialism.

What are we told?

  • The most suitable system for selfish human nature is capitalism.
  • Without competition, there is no creativity; Capitalism is the system of innovation.
  • Socialism is the enemy of freedom.

The list of capitalists' arguments goes on and on, but these are the most prominent ones. Let's take a look at the world we live in to expose these capitalist lies.

Hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets to protest in Europe and the United States, while their own government partnered with Netanyahu, against Israel's brutal aggression towards Gaza. Demanding to speak out against oppression, millions of people around the world have come together in actions in support of Palestine. If there is any selfishness, it is the product of the relations and bourgeois values dominated by the capitalist class who live to add to their money; not of human nature.

Capitalist competition brings creativity. How do you like that! They are the ones who have saved the companies that have crashed the market since the 2008 crisis. They are the ones who give free loans to companies that avoid production because they are not profitable enough and allow the world to make money for free with high interest rates. They talk about creativity during their ranting times.

Looking into the eyes of the world, Israel is slaughtering thousands of people in Gaza, including children, disregarding even the bourgeois law of war. Its biggest supporter, the USA, is trying to ensure that there is not even a ceasefire. Islamist leaders who shed crocodile tears for Gaza and companies maintain relations behind the scenes in order to earn money from trade with Israel. This is the humanitarianism of the reign of money.

We saw in the Epstein case that it is free to force young children into prostitution and make them the objects of the disgusting fantasies of moneymakers. As long as there is money and power.

If you ask, capitalism is democratic and libertarian. Trump, who raided the congress building in the United States, will be president again; He talks about building a wall on the country's border and promises to deport communist refugees. The number of maniacs like Trump is increasing around the world. In the tangle of inequalities and contradictions fed by the capitalist crisis, there is not much room left for freedom, the rule of law and democracy. The freedom they understand is the freedom given by the power of money: the freedom to attack Yemen, which is struggling with hunger and diseases; the freedom to save bankrupt companies with the resources of the people; the freedom to distract the people with lies of meritocracy and retain control of money...

Let's just say that everything they say is a lie. In fact, one cannot live in this system, which has no other function than humiliating human dignity. Describing his own age, Gramsci said, “The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.” Today, we are going through a time of monsters: Authoritarian leaders, imperialist conflicts, destruction of oppressed peoples, plunder of nature... The point is to create a new world. This is our duty. Today, as it has been for 100 years, it is necessary to follow the path shown by Lenin and make the 21st century the century of workers.