Solidarity Message of SEP with Partido Obrero Against Zionist Threats

Solidarity Message of SEP with Partido Obrero Against Zionist Threats

Argentinian revolutionaries, who organized a strong support movement with the Palestinian people against Zionism in Argentina, are threatened by Zionist right-wing forces, pro-zionist bourgeois politicians, and the judiciary.

Partido Obrero, which strongly stands out against Israel, the perpetrator of the massacre in Gaza, was first faced with an openly written threat from the far-right zionist organization Betar titled "To Partido Obrero militants".

Zionist organizations, which have a strong presence in Argentina, have gained motivation and courage due to the fanatically pro-Israel and pro-Zionist far-right president Milei.

Argentine revolutionaries who mobilized thousands of people in the streets to support Palestine are being threatened. Betar doesn't just threaten the PO: it also incites open physical attacks in universities and on the streets. The campaign carried out by DAIA, the Zionist umbrella organization in Argentina, also targets those who support the Palestinian people; It puts pressure on university administrations with organized criminal complaints against pro-Palestinian students.

Vanina Biasi, Néstor Petrol, and Gabriel Solano, in the PO national leadership, are declared "anti-Semitic" and targeted by the DAIA. Our deputy comrade Vanina Biasi, who exposes Israel's murderous crimes and raises the anti-imperialist struggle against the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, is also targeted by the judiciary due to her harsh condemnation of Israel in the media and parliament and her stance rejecting the existence of the Israeli state. A dozen right-wing bourgeois deputies collected signatures and demanded that the Congress reject Biasi, who openly defends the Palestinian people. This demand came after FIT-U's strongly organized 'public hearing' session in the congress, in which human rights activists, trade unionists, representatives of the Palestinian people, and the PFLP participated in a video. The prosecutor's office also initiated a judicial process against Comrade Vanina, claiming that her posts on social networks condemning the genocide were "evidence" of the alleged "anti-Semitism".

The PO  is not alone in the face of the threats. 
Stop political lynching and threats against PO! 
We raise our highest feelings of solidarity with our comrades who are threatened for defending the Palestinian people.

Long live the internationalist struggle!