Freedom for Political Prisoners and Union Workers in Azerbaijan!

Approved at the international virtual meeting on 16/12 by PO (Argentina); SEP (Turkey); NAR (Greece); October 18 Force (Chile); Vilcapaza and MST-P Group (Peru); My class (Italy); Revolutionary Politics and Classist Tribune (Brazil); and İnqilabin Sesi (Azerbaijan).

Freedom for Political Prisoners and Union Workers in Azerbaijan!

A peasant's protest, which started in June in the Gedebey region of Azerbaijan due to the mass poisoning caused by cyanide waste from the Aliyev's gold mining, caused the revival of the opposition that was dormant after the Norogno-Karabakh war. The regime brutally oppressed the protest and even isolated the entire region by police force. Following the outcry against police brutality, Aliyev's regime targeted leftist youth or people who just rejected the oppression on social media mediums. The oppressive state campaign of the Aliyev government started to imprison those who bravely supported the peasants. Our comrade, one of the members of the InqilabinSesi organization, and several other people were arbitrarily arrested, tortured, and imprisoned. The Aliyev regime, which was already an authoritarian and oppressive regime, increased the pressure even more after this incident.

Aliyev's oppressive regime also attacks the workers' movement. Members of the Union of Courier Association, who announced that they would protest to object to the law regarding couriers, were arrested before the protest. Union leader Afiaddin Mammadov and couriers Aykhan Israfilov and Elvin Mustafayev are currently in prison. The prison administration does not allow them to even read the books sent by their families. The police harass other members of the union by following them at home and on the street and threaten them to leave the union.

In November, the regime targeted Abzas Media, which exposed the corruption of high-ranking oligarchs and the Aliyev family. People known to have worked with or interviewed Abzas Media were impressed by raiding their homes with fake evidence.

So far, independent journalists such as UlviHasanli, SevinjVagifgizi, TeymurKarimov, Hafiz Babali, Aziz Orujov, NargizAbsalamova, MahammadKekalov have been imprisoned on false accusations. MohyaddinOrujov, who cirtisized Aliyev on Instagram, was tortured and imprisoned in October. After his release, Orujov imprisoned one more time for exposing the police torture. The journalists had started to impress on the eve of Aliyev's sudden decision to hold the Presidential Elections on February 7. Aliyev's oppression reaches out to bourgeois politicians too: TofigYagublu, the leader of the Musavat Party, one of the main bourgeois opposition parties, was also recently imprisoned on false charges.

All the oppressive reactionary regimes in the regime, from Erdogan to Putin to Netanyahu, give strength to each other. There is no other way against the rotten regime of the Aliyev regime, which is based on oligarchs, corruption, and oppression, other than a fraternal proletarian movement in which all regional nations will awaken.

Freedom for all political prisoners in Azerbaijan!

Freedom for imprisoned couriers and union members!

Freedom for imprisoned journalists!

Down with the bourgeois oligarch regime of Aliyev!

For a Socialist Federation of Caucasia!


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