The Meaning of Hagia Sophia Move- V.U. Arslan

The Meaning of Hagia Sophia Move-  V.U. Arslan

Taj Mahal, one of the most important wonders of the world architecture history, is known as an Islamic masterpiece in India. The Muslims have the right to worship there. Suppose that Taj Mahal is opened to worship as a Hindu temple just because Hindu fanatics wanted closed it to Muslims. In this case, it is not hard to imagine what Islamists and fascists would say. It would be foolish to expect empathy in this bigoted team! Fortunately, even the fundamentalist bully Modi has not attempted such thing, at least for now. 

But Turkey is different. Hagia Sophia Museum, which is one of the most important architectural works of the world history, has been transformed into a mosque. How happy are Turkish right-wingers! Hagia Sophia, which was the most magnificent structure of Christianity for thousands of years, was first converted into a mosque in 1453. However, those mosaics with human figures from in this cathedral were not destroyed, and those without human figures were left as they were. The mosaics, which were covered only with a thin plaster and had been plastered for centuries that protected them from damage. It is clear that Sultan Mehmed, was very tolerant and open-minded on many issues in his time. Today, the mindset of those who imitate Mehmet the Conqueror and his sultanate regime are far behind him, even though centuries have passed. 

So why does the AKP make this move now? Actually, the reasons are obvious. The pain of those who vote for AKP should be relieved with morphines and they should be made feel happy. The working masses continue to get poorer due to the economic crisis. Cost of life and unemployment reached an all time high level of Turkey. If people do not speak Hagia Sophia, they will talk about the crisis and the collapse in AKP will accelerate. There is no need to be a political scientist or an economist to see these facts. They say "There will be an external pressure!” The “great leader” will resist to all! Moreover, they are currently busy with the conquest “conquering”. Maybe they combine this great Haga Sofia move with the victories of Sirte attacks in Libya. Such a sembolic move that heralds the resurrection of the Ottoman, the new conqueror world leader! The favorable world conjuncture offers great opportunities for such shows. 

On the opposition front, there is nothing but incapability and helplessness.  While the big business and income losses are experienced in the history of the country, the main opposition parties does nothing but giving lip service to fight against the economic crisis. Postmodernists may get angry, but life doesn't change with mere discourse. What is the alternative?

The real and only alternative is to find ways for the workers to demonstrate, mature and advance the reactions of the working class. Life can only be changed through workplaces, streets, neighborhoods and city centers. If the opposition fails to do so, Erdogan dominates politics with artificial agendas as he wishes, and the CHP cannot achieve anything.  All parties of the opposition alliance are already in the line of applause for Hagia Sophia. Muharrem İnce, who was the presidency candidate of CHP, declared his appreciation about the Haga Sofia decision.  This is how the so called opposition declared its defeat.

There is no alternative other than raising class radicalism. First, it is necessary to realize this fact. Class struggle is not something the CHP can do. HDP has not means of opposition apart from declarations.  The task of winning the future is ours, the socialists.