Anti-imperialist Internationalist Front Steps Forward

Anti-imperialist Internationalist Front Steps Forward

Having previously published a  joint declaration against the genocide carried out by the Zionist State of Israel in Gaza; SEP (Turkey), PO (Argentina); NAR (Greece); Fuerza 18 de Octubre (Chile); Agrupación Vilcapaza and MST-P (Peru); Occhio di clase (Italy); Política Revolucionaria and Tribuna Classista (Brazil); and İnqilabin Sesi (Azerbaijan) held a comprehensive meeting and took another step forward on the path of the anti-imperialist struggle front.

At the meeting, a calendar was drawn up for the advancement of revolutionary struggle practices on a regional and global scale against the destruction of Palestine, and the political foundations of the anti-imperialist front were discussed in detail:

  • The construction of a revolutionary struggle front of the world's working class and people, independent of the imperialist powers, stands before us as an urgent need against the crisis that has made itself visible with the rising war between the imperialist powers in the world.
  • After the confusion and campist attitude regarding the devastating war in Ukraine; The fact that the socialist left has undertaken important actions in the world against the genocide in Gaza by the Zionist State of Israel, which is unconditionally supported by Western imperialism, is an important development in increasing the influence of the left.
  • Defending the Palestinian people and degrading pro-Israeli governments is of paramount urgency.
  • Bourgeois governments, including bourgeois Arab leaders, act hypocritically on the Palestine issue, remain incapable, and support Israel openly or covertly. It is seen once again that the only real friends of the Palestinian people are the workers of the world.
  • Mass actions and working class actions should be organized against the support of Western imperialist powers toward Israel.
  • In this context: the demand for a ceasefire should come to the fore, and the demand for cutting off all diplomatic, political, and economic relations with the state of Israel should be expressed strongly; the Zionist state of Israel should be rejected; The right of return of the Palestinian people must be defended. Establishing a united front around this program of struggle is a revolutionary task
  • The struggle for a United, Secular, Socialist Palestine as part of the Socialist Middle East Federation was emphasized.
  • It was agreed to organize solidarity campaigns against the attacks of bourgeois governments, far-right forces, and zionists against those who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

SEP, PO, NAR, Fuerza 18 de Octubre, Agrupación Vilcapaza, MST-P, Occhio di clase, Política Revolucionaria, Tribuna Classista and İnqilabin Sesi took an important internationalist step around these urgent demands and political program.
In addition, a joint action plan and resolutions on solidarity with those persecuted are voted on.

1- Argentina: solidarity with César Arakaki and Daniel Ruiz

2-Argentina: down with the persecution of those who defend the Palestinian people!

3-Freedom for Political Prisoners and Union Workers in Azerbaijan!