No to Another Occupation in Syria

No to Another Occupation in Syria

The AKP government immediately blamed the YPG and targeted Kobane before the veil of smoke over the bombing of the massacre in Istanbul cleared. However, all the findings that have emerged so far, including suspect of the bombing, Alham Albashir, strengthened the suspicion that there were some dark relations behind the attack. The statements Minister of Interior Soylu, who had completely lost his credibility, were indirectly denied by Tayyip Erdoğan himself. But Sabah newspaper, which is a newspaper affiliated with Erdoğan’s son-in-law Berat Albayrak, who is hostile to Soylu, made the picture a little clearer for us.


According to the news, Alham Albashir, in his first statement to the police, said that his brother is a high-ranking commander in the FSA, and that her family is pro-FSA. She was imprisoned for a month by the YPG on charges of being an "FSA spy", and that she was forcibly sent to Istanbul after being threatened over her family. Despite knowing Albashir's statement to the police, Interior Minister Soylu claimed that Albashir confessed that "They trained me as a YPG intelligence officer and sent me to Istanbul" In other words, while FSA groups, which were disturbed by Erdogan's rapprochement with Assad, making threats, organizing protests at TAF checkpoints in cities such as Afrin and Azez, and burning Turkish flags, were coming to the light but AKP now planning an attack to YGP by manipulating and using the bomb attack.


And immediately, before the attack was clarified, TAF air and ground troops bombed YPG positions on the Syrian and Iraqi borders. It was announced by Erdogan that a ground operation would be launched in Kobane. Kobane is extremely valuable for the Kurdish national movement, strategically, demographically, historically and symbolically. That's why the YPG and PKK, who will be targeted as a result of the ground operation, are expected retaliate? Well, with the bombs that will explode in Ankara and Istanbul, it may be possible to create the desired chaotic environment before the election.


Workers in Turkey are struggling with an inflation of around 150%. Even the official statistic admits an 85% inflation. It is a very common fear in Turkey that Erdogan, who seems hard to win the election under these conditions, will not want to hold the elections under normal circumstances. Therefore, it may be desirable to create a chaotic environment with a cross-border operation against the YPG and possible reprisals.


Therefore, workers of Turkey:

  1. Should be vigilant against the disinformation and follow the revolutionary Marxists.
  2. Should know and defend that Kurds’ democratic and national rights against nationalist hysteria.
  3. Should strengthen workers' unity and peoples' fraternity against the ethnic enmity that is desired to be fueled.
  4. Should oppose cross-border operations and occupations on the territory of neighboring countries.
  5. Should oppose the Turkey’s support to jihadist gangs such as the FSA and HTS.
  6. Should raise the flag of internationalism, which expresses the international unity of the working class, instead of the ethnic and sectarian divisions that have turned the whole Middle East into a bloodbath.